Thursday, May 8, 2014


Growing up I was fascinated with comic books and the idea of Superheroes. 

I enjoyed the adventures of Superman, even before I can remember, and the fantastic feats he would do and how he helped people.  

My brother, Shamus, and I, in our Superman PJ's and our toy figure at our grandma's house. We loved being Superman!

Spiderman was my other favorite superhero and I loved his costume and how he could swing around from his webs. 

Wonder Woman was awesome to, a strong woman who was as powerful as Superman and she was a warrior who could take care of her self and take care of business. 

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman

Batman was interesting, no superpowers but a great superhero nonetheless and he made up for his lack of powers with his peak physical condition and his superb intellect. Plus he has one of the best costumes ever. 

A sketch.

I liked Captain Marvel and how he was a kid and with the magic words, "Shazam!", he transform into  a mighty superhero. 

The Hulk was awesome, a being of unlimited strength and fury, but all he wanted was to be left alone. Dr. Bruce Banner would change into the Hulk when ever his heart rate rose to much due to anger, fear, excitement, etc. 

During my Jr High and High School days, The X-Men were my favorite characters, they were outcast 's of society but still fought for the good of the world, even if that world hated and feared them.  Wolverine was my favorite of the bunch, he was an @$$ kicker and didn't let anyone get in his way but was also character with honor, he was loyal to his friends and his beliefs and didn't like to see others get bullied. 

Me, dressed in my Wolverine costume and wearing my Wolvie' shirt, ha ha. 

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